Let’s say you’re on your way to church Sunday morning, or just wanting a easy meal after a long day of work. One option for food may be going to a fast food restaurant. This has been the case for my entire life. Lately however I’ve noticed a trend. Fast food just isn’t fast anymore. Whenever the wife and I go see her family in Lafayette, we will stop somewhere to get breakfast as a treat. No matter where we stop, we sit in the drive-thru line for 20 minutes. Since when is 20 minutes considered fast? For example this morning we stopped by McDonalds. There were 6 or so cars ahead of us at the Lebanon location off of 65. We put in our order at 9:28. We then watched as it was taking 7 minutes per car at first. The car in front of us waited for only 2 cups of coffee. We eventually got our food at 9:47. The guy handing out the food was very personable, as he handed us the bag saying “Here”, in a grumpy tone, shutting the window with a slam. As we are driving on our way we find that we didn’t even get the sandwiches done correctly. We had 3 bagel sandwiches and one just randomly had no cheese but tasted like it had cinnamon and sugar on it instead. This isnt an isolated event. It doesn’t matter what time or day, I see the kids making food with no sense of urgency. Maybe I’m turning into a grumpy old man very early on in life, but I can’t seem to validate fast food as a 20 minute wait. For some, that’s their lunch break at work.