Cucumber testing woes - spaces

So I’m working along, writing my tests, and I run into an issue where my Cucumber test is failing. I go to check it out, and see why. This is what I see:

I’ve slightly outlined the relevant data in yellow. I went back, and copy/pasted the data from the creation from my factories, to the expectation of text. It still gave the same error. I was dumbfounded, as I can clearly see the exact same text in my “And I should see” as well as the actual results.

After much googling, and several hours of tinkering, I found the launchy gem. I simply put in my cucumber feature, “Then show me the page”. When the test ran, it saved the output from the test to a file, and launched it in my browser. Instantly, I saw my error. Sadly, I had forgotten, that in Html, if you have two or more spaces in a row, it will ignore all but the first, unless they’re non-breaking spaces. My test was failing, because I had put two spaces in-between the sentences, and the Html rendered it with only one.

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