OSCP Certification in the mail

So previously, I had blogged about recently getting OSCP certified. I came home from my vacation to find a package from Offensive Security in my mailbox all the way from Israel.

After getting settled down, I opened the package and found some my certificate, wrapped in a nice folder, that I have filed away to keep forever.

Here is the front:

The back of the folder had me laughing for several minutes. Throughout the entire class, you get to learn a certain phrase, “Try Harder”, quite well. The admins, the docs, and even some of the machines you attempt to break into, will all taunt you with these words. Here is the back:

Lastly, inside I found my certification. I don’t know if will just file this away for safe-keeping, or frame it, as a start to one of many certifications I hope to attain.

Thanks again to Offensive Security for such a fun course. I plan on doing CTP (Cracking the Perimeter) next, once the wife unit gets used to seeing me on a nightly basis again.

I get no kickbacks or referral bonuses for sending people over, but if you enjoy security, I very much urge you to try this class. It was extremely fun.

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