Compiling SSLScan with SSLv2 support on OSX

3 minute read Dec 17, 2014 Comments
SSLScan is a tool that I often use when validating SSL findings on penetration tests. I had recently seen a new version come out, with color highlighting and more fanciness, but wanted it for OSX. When I tried to compile it, I noticed that it did not support SSLv2, which is something I often screenshot, so I dived into getting it all working. This guide will outline how to compile the newer versions of SSLScan with color highlighting, on OSX while retaining SSLv2 capabilities.

Burp Icon in OSX

4 minute read Aug 1, 2014 Comments
Recently, I on a Google Hangout with a coworker and saw him using the Burp Suite. I noticed that he opened a text file containing the command to run burp with extra memory, so he could remember the shell command easily. I personally just ran the burp jar file by double-clicking the jar file. The only exception was when I did need that extra memory. In that situation, I had to look up the arguments on Google.