Sprint iPhone 4S pre-order fiasco

5 minute read Oct 7, 2011 Comments
So like many people, I wanted the new iPhone 4S. Since the wife unit is on Sprint, and I’m on AT&T, we started looking at plans. Sprint offers a nicer family plan and lets her upgrade to a smartphone, while letting me have the iPhone. So we decided to make the switch, and do the pre-order. I called last night to verify the ordering process, and make sure that I could still get the $200 price while not using her upgrade credit.

Poor UI Experience

2 minute read Aug 17, 2011 Comments
I was recently signing up for about.me because it sounded like a neat little simple blurb about yourself. When trying to sign up, after entering my email address, and password, I was brought to a page asking for some basic info. However, I couldn’t figure out how to submit it. I was given this error: I filled out all the required data, and left the optional parts empty. However, it wouldn’t submit.