Canon, Y U NO Security?

6 minute read Jun 18, 2013 Comments
I recently bought a new printer at home, so my wife could print coupons without manually attaching to my office printer each time (Thanks and all the other shady sites that require spyware-like software to print coupons, and often don’t support network printers). I ended up picking up a Canon MX922. It works awesome for her, and is connected over WiFi, so any device in the house can print to it.

HSTS Metasploit Module

4 minute read Feb 21, 2013 Comments
I have been working as a security consultant for a few months now, and one finding that is on almost every webserver I come across, is the lack of an HSTS (HTTP Strict Transport Security) implementation. This is understandable, since HSTS is still fairly new. In fact, before starting at Accuvant, I had never heard of it either! However, since most browsers support it now, I wanted to be able to report on it.