OverTheWire Natas Level 5

1 minute read Nov 4, 2012 Comments
Now that we’re about 1/3 through to the end of the OverTheWire Natas wargame, I’m hoping that they start to get a little more tricky. Level 5 unfortunately is still pretty easy. It starts by simply telling you that you’re not logged in. Logins often hand out cookies, so I viewed my cookies for the site. I then used the wonderful Chrome extension, Edit This Cookie, to modify the cookie that I saw it assign, from a “0” to a “1”, signifying that I was logged on.

OverTheWire Natas Level 3

1 minute read Nov 2, 2012 Comments
Continuing on with Level 3 of OverTheWire’s Natas wargame, I found the first page, like previous levels, saying that there was nothing on the page. I viewed the source and saw the strange comment about “Not even Google will find it”. After thinking about that for a minute, it clicked that maybe it was because of a “robots.txt” file, which would prevent search engines from finding any files. I then browsed to the “robots.

OverTheWire Natas Level 2

1 minute read Nov 1, 2012 Comments
Level 2 of OverTheWire’s Natas wargame is a little more fun than the previous two. It’s also pretty simple, though. You start out on a page that tells you that there is nothing on it. Like previous levels, I then viewed the source to see what was in the code. It appears that there’s a 1x1 pixel image present on the page. It’s located in a “files” directory of the webserver.

OverTheWire Natas Level 1

1 minute read Oct 31, 2012 Comments
In continuing with the Natas wargame from OverTheWire, I tried my hand at level 1. It too was pretty easy. It was just like the level 0, except that right-clicking was disabled via javascript. You start out by being told that the password can be found on the page that you’re on, just like the last one. If you do try to right-click to view the source, you get a shiny error message stating that it has been blocked.

OverTheWire Natas Level 0

1 minute read Oct 30, 2012 Comments
I recently read that OverTheWire had released a new wargame, so I decided to play for fun. The first level is extremely easy. You are presented with a page that tells you that you are able to find the password on this page. If you then view the source, you can see the password to the next level is in plain text, in an HTML comment.

Cucumber testing woes - spaces

1 minute read Aug 16, 2011 Comments
So I’m working along, writing my tests, and I run into an issue where my Cucumber test is failing. I go to check it out, and see why. This is what I see: I’ve slightly outlined the relevant data in yellow. I went back, and copy/pasted the data from the creation from my factories, to the expectation of text. It still gave the same error. I was dumbfounded, as I can clearly see the exact same text in my “And I should see” as well as the actual results.